Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Networked with other professionals
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio


Resourceful, dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer with Project Management and Leadership skills and 20 years of IT experience. Recognized for initiative, versatility, commitment to quality, effective communication and collaboration with all stakeholders. Proficient at learning new technologies and applying them strategically in the workplace. Industry experience includes: cloud transparency and operations, collateral management, mutual fund reporting and compliance, consumer electronics, and commercial vehicle surveillance.


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    Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, eMoney Advisor
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    Quality Assurance Engineer, IBM

    Provided quality assurance, help documentation, customer on-boarding and migration support for a cloud transparency and operations platform that empowers IBMers and customers to gain insights into their cloud offerings. Part of a remote-first, distributed development team using Agile and DevOps practices. Team delivered 5 major customer facing features per month. Continuously deployed builds at a rate of 20 per day.

    • Progressive involvement with project management operations such as, customer success initiatives, reporting metrics on code delivery efficiency, and prioritizing product deliverables.
    • Paired with developers to read and contribute to Unit and Acceptance test code written in C# and performed exploratory testing for completed user stories to validate requirements and ensure customer value.
    • Provided direct support to customers for support inquires, troubleshooting, and onboarding requirements.
    • Practiced Specification by Example to improve user story requirements.

    Key Accomplishment:

    • Lead the research, configuration, and maintenance of an implementation of Middleman, which enabled the entire team to easily contribute and generate product documentation, from content formatted in Markdown syntax. The resultant documentation web page positively affected the success of customer adoption.


    Middleman, Markdown, ERB, Ruby, HTML, Javascript, JSON, CSS, Slack, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, TeamCity, Pager Duty, Parature, C#, Python, Docker, SpecFlow, Beyond Compare, Google Analytics, Pingdom, NewRelic, Selenium WebDriver, SQL Server, Oracle, Bash, Linux (Ubuntu)


United States